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Our mission to help healthcare workers! 

For every STNKY Bag sold, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to #GetUsPPE.
We initially designed the STNKY Bag for fitness buffs, gym-goers, runners, and travelers looking for a way to keep their dirty gear separate from their personal items while on the go and after workouts. After seeing multiple stories of nurses stripping down and putting their scrubs in grocery bags, concerned about contaminating their personal items and families, we knew that we had the solution to help. Now anyone who wears scrubs can simply lock the germs in their STNKY Bag and then just unzip the bottom and toss the whole thing in the wash when they're ready. 
About GetUsPPE.org:
"#GetUsPPE is a grassroots movement founded by physicians and medical researchers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team has grown to include engineers, scientists, programmers, and concerned citizens working around the clock to get them and their colleagues the equipment they need." To learn more, visit https://getusppe.org/
  • Lock in germs, odors, and moisture
  • Keep your personal items separate
  • Washable, no need to touch your dirty gear
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fair trade & fair labor
  • Made and based in North America
  • Guaranteed for 2 years
The STNKY Standard size holds 2 pairs of scrubs and the STNKY XL holds 4 pairs of scrubs. 

Thank you to all healthcare workers for your dedication to saving lives!